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 Michele's Fitness Story

 Ask any of Michele Jaco's college roommates if they know a female who can eat
 more than the star quarterback and they'll agree: Michele Jaco! But years of pig-like
 behavior finally caught up with her and in 1995 she faced the grim reality: she was
 out of shape, lethargic, and downright unhealthy...with a cholesterol reading off the 

 So began Michele's journey down the road to a healthy and fit lifestyle. What began
 with walks around the block turned into a love of running. Michele has been known
 to run in rain, snow, ice, fog; on country roads; up and down stairs at her hotel; on
 the morning after Halloween picking up lost candy; on beaches; through forests...
 and many other places!

  Michele in 1995 and 2010

 Michele's love of fitness turned professional when she landed the position of regular
 fitness host on the Shop at Home Network. In addition to her busy personal training
 schedule, she was now filming 20-plus live shows a month. This national recognition
 meant one thing for sure: she had to know her stuff. This forced Michele into a
 constant search for the latest information on nutrition, exercise routines, and 
 general wellness.

 Michele is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Fitness Trainer
 and Certified Nutrition Specialist.

 Fitness Host Turned Author
 Michele's journey continues with her new book "Taming the Pig Within: A resource
 for those of us with 10-acre appetites"
. In it Michele pours her 10-plus years of
 wellness research and experience into a funny, credible, easy-to-read resource that
 she hopes will help those who share her ravenous appetite. On the goals for the
 book, Michele elaborates:

 "I want people to discover the freedom that I've found
 through natural appetite control—and this book is a
 peek inside my diet routine and lifestyle habits. It's not
 a quick-fix diet plan; it's a "lifestyle makeover" for
 those who are often eating a lot of the wrong things
 but still hungry."

 The book's release date is TBD.

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